Burbank has some pretty good dentists, but which one is our top rated? We have done some in-depth analysis to find out. One thing youdentist-with-toothbrushes might want to consider is that not all dentists are created equally and you should definitely check out the criteria below to find one that suits you.

When you are looking for a dentist it’s important to look at a few criteria:

1.Past customer reviews – have a look on Yelp and Facebook local to read reviews from past customers. Make sure their are no horror stories that will put you off.

2.How long have they been around? Are they known as a reputable leader in the dental field? Have they been practising for a long time? You want to make sure you pick a dentist who has been around the block, is well practised and who you know for sure will do a good job.

3.Are they a part of industry associations? Make sure that the dentist you pick is well respected by his or her peers and is a member of the most prestigous industry associations.
Those are the main three criteria that you should definitely be checking out. Be sure to browse around and find the top dental professional for your specific needs.