Top Toothbrush Subscription Companies

We all know we need to change our toothbrush or brush head at least every three months. But do you?

It’s sound advice as studies show that after three months of regular use, a toothbrush struggles to remove plaque from your teeth and gums, compared to a new brush or brush head. Bacteria builds up and bristles get worn out so your teeth don’t get the clean they need.

So, do you know when you last changed your brush head? Probably not. It’s very easy to lose track. To relieve this issue, there is a range of toothbrush subscription services out there to help keep your mouth in tip-top condition. Here are the top offerings:

1. Quip

Quip promises to “only include features that guide good technique, and exclude gimmicks that do little but increase prices, to provide a more simple, honest and healthy clean”.

The brush is available with a cheaper plastic or metal handle itself features a vibrating timer and is powered by a battery, which is also dished out every three months as part of the subscription service. You can also sign up to receive Quip’s branded toothpaste.

You can choose from a range of toothbrush sets, and figures for the plastic handle variation are given in brackets. The starter sets cost either $40 ($25) or $45 ($30) with refills costing $10 and $5 respectively every three months. Or you can choose a prepay option where your refills are provided for one year and costing either $55 ($40) or $65 ($50). Bundled deals are also available for your entire household.

2. Boka

Boka gives you the choice of signing up to an electric brush head or traditional non-electric brush subscription service. There are also kids’ kits available.

These non-electric brushes feature soft, tapered bristles that are made with Binchotan-activated charcoal to naturally reduce the odor-causing bacteria in your mouth. Subscription prices start from $14.50 per three-monthly shipment – and you get 15% off if you sign up for a year’s worth of shipments in one go.

The electric brush heads are compatible with most Sonicare brushes, including the DiamondClean Compact and Standard designs, E-Series and Pro Results. These cost $15 per three-monthly shipment – with the same 15% off if you pay for a whole year.

For every Boka brush purchased, a toothbrush is donated to its nonprofit partner Surge to bring water to those in need.

3. Goby

The Goby Brush Kit is $45 with a subscription to its services (or $65 without a subscription). It includes an electric toothbrush, a replacement brush head, stand, USB charging shell and a USB converter.

The brush features soft bristles on oscillating heads and a built-in timer to make sure you clean for the recommended two minutes, with 30-second prompts to tell you when it’s time to switch mouth quadrants. You can even choose between four snazzy colors and the brush will prompt you when it’s time to replace your exhausted bristles by turning on its power button.

If you subscribe, you receive a fresh set of brush heads every one, two or three months, costing just $6 per head with no additional shipping costs. Goby also donates a percentage of its sales to the NYU College of Dentistry’s Global Student Outreach Program to bring dental care and services to people around the world.

4. Brusher Club

The Brusher Club is a no-hassle subscription service for Oral B and Sonicare electric toothbrush heads. You just pick the brush heads you need and they’ll be delivered every three months. There are no joining fees and it costs $8.99 to receive a year’s worth of brush heads.

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